They sure are. Mojito and Nena may not look like typical bengals but ask their owners and you will find out they sure do act like a bengal.

They are just two of the many bengal mixes that have been adopted from GLBR.


Adoption Fees

Adoption fees help cover our costs to have Bengals vaccinated, checked by a veterinarian and treated for illnesses. In many cases, our costs to care for a cat far exceed the adoption fee.

Kittens (under age 1) Bengal: $300 each - Bengal mix: $150 each

Adults (ages 1 to 7) Bengal: $175 each - Bengal mix: $100 each

Special needs and senior (age 8+) cats Bengal: $100 each

Adoption Procedure

Here's how our adoption process works:

1. You read this and then submit an application online, providing information about yourself, your family, your home and previous/current pets.

2. We review your questionnaire, then call you for a telephone interview.

3. If your application is approved, you talk with the foster parent of the cat you are most interested in and have a chance to ask all the questions you have about that cat. If the cat sounds like a match for you, you arrange a time to meet the cat and take it home.

4. If your first choice doesn't sound like a good match for you, we continue working with you to find a cat that is.