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Captain Jack

Capt Jack

"His name was listed as "Sparrow." A strange name for a cat? Well, maybe. Then again, maybe not.

When Sparrow was picked up by Animal Control in Madison Wisconsin, he was dirty, sick, weak, skinny, dehydrated, starving and had several injuries, including most notably, a penetrating wound to his right eye. Then, by luck, or Karma, or good fortune, or by cashing in one of his nine lives, someone discovered that he was a Bengal, and that's when his fostering was taken over by some wonderful people, and Sparrow's story & pictures were highlighted on the web pages of the International Bengal Cat Connection and Great Lakes Bengal Rescue.

But back to Beaver Dam. I met Lisa S., Sparrow's foster mom, and was properly introduced to Sparrow. When I first laid eyes on him, I thought, "Wow!" He was beautiful! And it occurred to me that Bengal cats have a problem with cameras – photographs will never do Bengals justice – you just have to meet a Bengal face to face to see their true beauty.

Lisa & I struggled several minutes to get Sparrow into the carrier. That's when I found out first-hand about a Bengal's strength. Then on the drive home to Elmhurst Illinois, I learned all about the "Bengal Howl." Music to my ears!!!

One week after Sparrow came to his new home, he was joined by a little black & white long haired kitten. After a week or two of "negotiations" between these two, they are now the best of friends. She is a feisty little kitten, and Sparrow is sweet & gentle with her. Sparrow is a very level headed cat! These two sleep together, wrestle around & chase each other, eat together, and despite their current difference in size, they treat each other as equals. When I picked up the kitten, she was tiny, had almost no mass, and was very fast, and since these same things can also describe a certain subatomic particle, Neutrino became her name because it fit so well. As for Sparrow's name, it's not really such a strange name after all. He has an injured eye, so, he might just be a pirate!

So he's now called Captain Jack Sparrow. And that name fits him well, too!"