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Esther, June, & Roadie

Esther, June Bug, and Roadie

"I am a foster mom in Madison, Ohio. My first foster was 3 Bengals at the same time, Roadie-Marble, Esther-Brown Spotted and June Bug-Brown Spotted. Roadie was adopted only after being with us for only a few weeks. He was king of the house. June Bug an Esther have just adopted us ....yes, we got the Bengal fever! Beware fosters...it will get you to! The girls as we refer to them as are just amazing in how they take care (bathe) each other, call, talk, sleep & play. There was no way we could let them be separated from each other or our hearts. June Bug has really blossomed...her favorite spot is our armpit, yes armpit! She nuzzles her nose in your pit, scratches your clothes an skin underneath as to fluff it up, then looks you in the eye, then lays next to you an your lightly scratched arm falling into a light snore that sounds more like a wheeze. And who said deodorant was an attractant? "