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"I just wanted to touch base with you about Gryffyn. We agreed that I would take Gryffyn on a trial basis to see how he would bond with Atari (my Bengal cat). So far Gryffyn is adjusting to my bedroom and getting more comfortable with his surroundings. I will follow your suggestions (on how/when to introduce the cats), and hopefully we'll see some success between the two cats.

Gryffyn has been doing really well with Atari. I'm very happy how they play together and he seems to be getting very comfortable, which is great to see. Once in a while he gets a little too aggressive with Atari, but I really think that's just the Bengal attitude because she never seems to back down or get upset about it. Anyway, they seem to clean each other a lot, which is a great sign and he gives her lot's of attention (although, sometimes she has enough of it :)). Overall, thanks to both of you for your help, and I'm happy with how things have progressed and just wanted to pass that along."