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Martini, Stoli, & Rioja

Martini, Stoli, & Rioja

"12 years ago I was diagnosed 'severely allergic' to cats. Instead of asking my mom to get rid of our beloved cats—I moved out! Lonely without my kitty companions I tried to fill the void with a guinea pig, two bunnies and two cockatiels. Nothing loved me the way my kitties did.

Then I met my husband Roy. And although he loved me unconditionally he just didn't have a fur coat, and didn't sit on my lap and purr when I watched tv (not for lack of trying).

After we were married, he heard of two Bengals cats available in a local rescue. He had always had a interest in the breed, and shared with me the possibility my allergies might not be a problem. A pair (brother and sister) that could not be separated was of no concern to us… we thought of it as one for me and one for Roy. Within a week they were in our home. Outside some itchy eyes if I rub them after petting the cats, I have no problems with sneezing, or breathing, or asthma.

Sambuca (Buca) (15lbs) would play fetch—and when I wasn't able to toss the ring for him, he'd do it himself down the stairs, to come back up again and start all over. He would come whenever I called him, and had to be with me where ever I was in the house. He sat on my lap, and slept on my feet. He would go in the shower with Roy and had to be the center of attention when we had company (including our annual parties of 40 people!). He would go to the basement at night and howl, just to hear himself I'm sure. He was every ones favorite, and even ended up converting a few of our NON-cat loving friends. He's what made me love Bengals, and get involved with a local cat shelter for domestic cats. I wanted to 'pay it forward'.

Rioja (Rio)(7.5 lbs) is our dainty little girl. A soft little 'mew', and always looking for a lap. Sometimes you can get her to go away. She's get so excited when you pet her she'll drool, and get what we call 'poofy tail'. She insists on drinking out of the faucet and will give you little kisses when she's happy.

We lost Buca very suddenly on 7/7/07, due to an enlarged heart. I celebrate his life every day and because of him my life is now filled with fosters and cat rescues. After a month of his absence, I couldn't stand it, and started to look at other Bengals to fill that void.

That's when I found Janet at GLBR. We drove to IN in the next week and picked up Stoli. We name all of our cats after alcohol if you haven't caught on to that by now.

Stoli is cute as a button (but don't tell him that!). I've never had any cat that hams it up as much for the camera. He's naughty, he doesn't like to be carried, definitely not a lap cat, and he shows me his displeasure if a foster cat happens to enter his domain—but I've learned his quirks, and he makes me laugh with his loud ambulance meow.

I wouldn't change my experiences for anything, and I'll never live without a Bengal—ever."