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Sasha & Marley

Sasha & Marley

"My babies are adjusting just fine. After about 10 days, they got free roam of the house. The only place that is off limits is our bedroom. The LOVE the third floor loft and their kitty condos. Sasha is getting quite a belly on her and wants to eat all the time. I have started rationing their food and feeding them in seperate rooms, as Marley usually gets pushed aside by Sasha.!

Sasha is very affectionate and follows me around the house, sits on my lap and lays on my computer desk ( and keyboard) when I am on the computer and sometimes can be quite a pest, but I don't mind. Marley is getting alot better and does let me pet him when I am on the computer or watching tv, but ONLY with one hand and he keeps his distance. He will rub against the computer chair and wants attention, but will not jump on the desk or on my lap like Sasha.

It is still a challenge to clip his nails, but is getting better. Sasha is a breeze.If I get out a blanket at night, they will both sit on the couch with me or Roger.

So I would say, things are going very well, and every day Marley gets a little more brave. Thank you for your concern and the laser pointer. They LOVE IT! I try to play with them at least 2 to 3 times a day. The feathers are a hit too. I have had to replace quite a few MICE already.....I am so glad that I adopted both of them.

Update: November 2008

When I adopted Sasha and Marley in April of 2008 I wasn't sure what I was in for.Sasha was a lot more mellow than Marley, and that is still true. Although, Marley is now my lap cat when I am on the computer and Sash a sits on the desk. I never thought Marley would come as far as he has. He would never let you get near him and now when he feels like it, you can even pet him!!! Sash a talks ALOT and Morley never seemed to get his meow going...He only has a little whimper.

During the day they chase each other up and down the 3 floors of our house. The higher they can be the better. The windows above my Patio doors get a lot of use by them both. Marley is definitely the more aggressive of the two. He always puts Sasha in her place, but at the end of the day...(around AM) they end up sleeping side by side. If I get out a blanket when I am watching TV, Marley is always the first to sit next to me. Sasha will come later, but doesn't want to be right next to me.I am so glad that I adopted both of them. I know that I only wanted one, but it would have been a shame not to keep them together....They are quite the pair. I am so glad my husband found your adoption sight....Thank you Tina and Janet for the great job you do for Great Lakes Bengal Rescue!! "