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"My name is Michelle and I adopted a Bengal (Zoe) from your organization on 8/5/2007. I wanted to share some stories and some photos with you.Since the adoption Zoe and I have grown incredibly close and I can't imagine my life without her. She brings me smiles, laughter and above all LOVE.

In February 2008, I was walking outside and slipped on the ice (afterall we did have the worst snow fall on record) and fractured my greater trocanter (which is part of the femur). I was rushed to the ER and hospitalized for 4 days. My heart ached for Zoe. I begged someone to sneak her in but since Zoe is not fond of traveling I knew it wouldn't be a easy task. Thankfully, my Mom stopped by on occassion to sit with my munchkin. The day I was released from the hospital I was eager to see my little love bug. I opened the door to my condo and nothing-no Zoe. I thought she would at least run up to come see me!! I walked into my bedroom and to my surprise she was curled up into a pair of my pajama bottoms. She let out a little squeek and ROARED like I have never heard before, then proceeded to head butt me for hours. Zoe WOULD NOT leave my side for weeks; she even would nap next to me under the covers (which is totally not like her) she would even munch on my cheek on occassion! I sucked up all her attention. In April, I found out that my hip implant came loose due to the fall I had, now I am facing another hip replacement, which is scheduled for late 2008. I am not looking forward to lthe surgery but most of all I am not happy about leaving her for 7-8 days!

Just recently on May 30th, Zoe and I had a set back. We experienced a flood in my condo due to a toilet that overflowed in the upper unit above us. My condo was damaged significantly. Painting was required along with new flooring, baseboards and numerous other items. Everything needed to be disinfected and so forth. Zoe and I have been staying at a motel since May 31st which has been stressful on the both of us.

We should be able to go home next week or at least by the 27th! We can't wait. Although Zoe has been having stomach issues (she still uses the litterbox) I think she is finally on her road to recovering from this ordeal and I am sure she can't wait to be in her own home away from the other noisy motel guests!

The purpose of this email is to THANK YOU for doing what you do and placing Bengals, like Zoe, in homes where they play a significant role in their new owners lives. I tell everyone "I love her too much". She is the reason I rush home after work, she is the reason I lay in bed a little longer and she is the reason I smile or laugh for no reason at all. I can't imagine my life without the love of my Bengal beauty and I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. ."